FUJ wins Olomouc

May 28 - Unable to field two teams for the second Czech League tournament, we put our team together for the first time this outdoor season and dominated the tournament. All of the old veterans came together for the first time this year, Petr, David, Nate, Maro, Iain along with Dani, Szilard and Andris from Budapest. We played with our seasoned youngsters Blesk and Vojta and mixed in four guys who have just started to play seriously this year, Ivan, Honza (Hoppi), Ivos and Pepa. What a combination! At the beginning of the tournament we were confident, but we got down to the Golden Ants from Bratislava 4-1 before we called a time-out, took the game in hand, started to play real FUJ D and outscored the Ants 10-1 to win the game going away 11-6. In that game the youngsters started to believe in the FUJ team as it was the first time they had participated in the team coming together and pulling out the stops to take command of a game and win it totally.

When FUJ met the same Golden Ants in the semis, we came out fast and hard and didn't let the ants even get a hint of being in the game, crushing them on the way to the finals 13-1! The finals, against our chief Czech rival, the Prague Devils, was a hard fought game in a big wind. FUJ scored three upwind points and that was the difference in the game as PD only found the endzone once going upwind. Having 14 guys though definitely helped, we rotated our lines and kept our legs fresh. At the end of the game FUJ was still running hard as the Devils were running out of steam. It was a good win over the full PD team and solidified our standing as the number one team in the Czech Republic. Now it's on to the Czech National Championships in a month. Until then we plan to train hard, play in a tournament or two and continue towards our goal of the season, qualifying for the Regional tournament in
Pepa puts on a force during the semis as Nate    Nurenberg in late August!
covers his man. Photo by Lukas Filandr ©2007   

FUJ wins Pisek!

April 24 - The grass was sweet, the fields were long and wide and FUJ flowed as quickly and as easily as a river running across stones to the ocean. FUJ fielded two teams into the first Czech League tournament and the new fellows did heroically, finishing 8th in a field of 10! FUJ A, playing for the first time together with a full team, pulled off the tournament victory, crushing all the competition. Granted the Prague Devils, our old adversary split their team into two equal parts in order to have their younger players gain experience, but neither of their teams was able to score more than five points on a fired-up FUJ A squad.   
     Vojta throws to Nate at a training camp in Prague                  Blesk (facing camera) listens to Matej at the Prague
               Photo by Lukas Filandr ©2007                                      spring training camp. Photo Lukas Filandr ©2007

This tournament also served as a first outdoor tournament for a great number of our new players and although it was frustrating at times because of wind, drops, bad throws and harder D than we get in practice, the B squad played their guts out and all came away better players than when they went in. Gone are the days when FUJ loses 17 games in a row, the B team will be back, and they'll be better than before.

The 2007 Fuj Squad

 2007 - FUJ, back with a Vengeance!

It's been a long time since the FUJ team has played together. Many FUJ players were lucky to play with superstar Chris Hayden who was in Europe for a year and we put together a team with our Slovak brothers called Four Fingers which placed 9th at the 2005 Europeans. However we lost a lot of players from that 2005 squad and when we played together again as Four Fingers in the 2006 CEL tournament series and then our Regional qualifiers in Nurnberg last August, the team never came together and didn't make it to the first ever Club Finals in Florence.

However some of the younger FUJ players who didn't play with Four Fingers continued to train and brought a lot of their friends, so FUJ has had an infusion of youth! We also continue to play with our excellent friends and outstanding players from Budpest, giving FUJ that Eastern feel!

So we're back and we're getting ready for the 2007 outdoor season. We played a LOT of indoor tournaments already, getting our new players used to playing in real game situations where other teams want to win as badly as we do. It was a hard winter and not we didn't have a lot of good results, consistantly losing to the top Czech teams, the Prague Devils, Terrible Monkeys and even Zluta Zemlice! But we did gain valuable experience and our players learned how to catch and throw under pressure, run hard cuts and play good defense.

All that winter work paid off when we went to our first outdoor tournament, the Vienna Winterleague. We entered three teams there, with help from our friends from Pisek's Peace Egg.
Our Women's team played six other squads and finished third even though really they finished second (they only lost one game to the winning team, so how they finished third we can't figure out!).

Our young guys played as a unit in the "open" division and with two hard fought one-point victories made it to the semis where they lost to eventual winner, 2EZ,
but they came out hot in the placement game and beat Vienna's Spin to take 3rd place!! Only the old FUJ guys were a disappointment, they lost two heartbreakers by one point and slipped to 7th place out of eight teams.

Fuj Women Winterleague team 3rd place! from left,
back row, Misa, Marta, Katka
front row, Jana, Hana, Mirka

FUJ B squad
FUJ "Open" Winterleague team, 3rd Place from left, Pavel, Tom,
Meda, Pepa, Vojta, Blesk, in front Xao

FUJ "Pro" Winterleague team,  7th place from left, Szilard, Maro, Dani, Iain,
Gabor, Andris, Peter, front row, Nate and David

Now we're looking foward to playing in the reformed Czech League with two squads and in the Central European League  and hopefully we'll qualify for the European Ultimate Championship Series Regional Tournament in August.

There are a lot of tournaments coming up and we are going to get better and better until we become an unstoppable force, not just in Czech or central Europe, but on the entire continent. So STAY TUNED!!!

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In Prague call David on 608 228 999.
In Budapest call Szilard on 302 107 103

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- We train twice a week in the summer, Tuesday on Letna Plain next to Sparta Stadium and Thursdays at the  training pitch in Suchdol. To get there you need to take the A line Metro (green) to Dejvicka. Then take the 107 or 147 bus and get off at the stop Kamycka. Cross the street, go straight for 200 meters, turn right, walk 200 meters and you'll see flying discs.

Our training is open and you're welcome to come out and play with us, train with us and if you're living in Prague, join one of the teams and go to tournaments!

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